A Mighty Race: Shea Weber vs. a cowboy


Client | McDonald's
Agency | Cosette
Production House | Romeo & Fils
Director | Didier Charette
Post Production | Shed
Music | Apollo Studios boutique at Mile Inn
Food Stylist | Nathan Fong

What We Did :: Art Department - Art Direction, Wardrobe, Hair + Make-up booking.

Romeo & Fils contacted us to create an authentic fence (landscape experts.ca) for their cowboy lounge, start & finish lines, pedestal and wooden boards for the burger (money) shot.
We also scouted out the dresser (Genevieve at thenoblesmgmt.com) and hair & make-up artists (jaimierankin.com).

The very ambitious story line of a race between a cowboy and Shea Weber in a field was realized by the production house and the finished product exceeded every expectation. 

A Mighty Race: Shea Weber vs. a cowboy

The Grand Angus duel: Shea Weber vs. a cowboy

McDonald's-Behind the Scenes: Shea Weber vs. a cowboy